The firm

Integral service to our clients

Who we are

Professional, efficient and comprehensive advice service

CASTELLANA LEGAL ABOGADOS was founded with the mission to offer an integral service to our clients in the most relevant branches of law. Our objective is to deliver a professional, efficient and comprehensive advice service on legal and financial matters. We strive to assist our clients, whom we identify with, in realising their business objectives successfully.
We believe that to preserve a lasting and satisfactory relationship with our clients and gain their trust, our services must always live up to the highest quality standards.
Our firm is the result of the professional integration of its different members, who hold extensive law practice experience and are therefore able to offer legal advice on practically all the areas and branches of law, particularly those concerned with the corporate world and legal entities. The guiding principles of our professional practice are dedication, efficiency and confidentiality.
We work in English, German and French, as well as Spanish, and also collaborate with different law firms in Spain and abroad to solve any of the problems that our clients may come across in any part of the world.
We are equipped with the most advanced technological resources in software, computer equipment and telecommunications, providing our professionals with state-of-the-art computer and multimedia resources to speed up and add efficiency to our activities and interventions.
Likewise, we belong to a large number of national and international legal associations, allowing us to participate in forums where the most innovative aspects of law are debated in order to apply them in solving the needs of our clients.

Our commitment

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer an integral legal service to our national and international clients, aimed at ensuring the widest legal cover, foreseeing and preventing the legal risks inherent in any kind of business activity and finding the best solutions to enable our clients to achieve their objectives. To do this, we endeavour to be as close to our clients’ interests as possible, travelling wherever and whenever necessary to learn about and experience their problems "in situ".

Stand out for our expert legal advice

We aspire to stand out for our expert legal advice and vocation for service, talent for innovation and ability to collaborate in achieving the business objectives of our clients, with whom we have established a solid and lasting professional relationship over the years. Our objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients. We are therefore convinced that achieving the objectives of our clients is the best measure of our efficiency and assessment of our work.

Maximum dedication

We are aware of the fact that swiftness is essential in commercial relations and one of the most valued qualities in international transactions. This is why the professionals in our firm take on their assignments with the commitment to carry them out with full dedication and to solve them with utmost diligence - the only boundary that we will not cross is our standards of excellent quality.

Permanent education

We are firmly committed to legal research and on-going training for the lawyers who make up our firm. Likewise, the professionals who render their services in the firm are required to observe the ethical standards of the legal profession and to ensure full confidentiality.

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